Our Story

“We are the first generation to feel the sting of climate change, and we are the last generation that can do something about it.” — Jay Inslee

What About Us began as a Ripplezoo project

Founded in 2016, Ripplezoo was a not-for-profit trust and website platform using social media to promote blogs, photographs, images and videos that raise awareness of issues in the world today. It encouraged everyone to create their own ripples; liking, commenting, and sharing content they are passionate about.
What About Us has taken over a wonderful team of talented and caring bloggers who are writing inspiring, educational and topical blogs that are published on the What About Us website.

The themes Ripplezoo supported are the same themes

that What About Us supports today.


Beach Clean Ups 

Local on the ground projects began with beach clean ups and visits to animal rescue centres. Armed with gloves and bags, our volunteers could be found on beaches early mornings picking up litter and admiring the many early morning swimmers who were naturally very grateful to have bottles, cans and general waste removed for their safety. Some of them even joined us. And many a “four legged” rescue animal was grateful for a trot around the block!

Beach clean ups

Volunteer Trips to Cameroon

Ripplezoo then started looking at ways of “rippling” further afield. Project Cameroon was born. We led a volunteer mission to a very poor town in Cameroon, West Africa called Batoufam. We recruited volunteers, raised funds, collected unused medical equipment, and then traveled to Cameroon in November 2018.

The volunteers still cannot believe we did it, and not only that but we made a second trip the following year

Our deepest thanks to all who supported us with these trips. Ladies who attended the lunches, the golfers, nurses, and doctors who donated such valuable medical equipment. And of course, our selfless volunteers who travelled, surviving tough and dangerous conditions without complaint.

Cameroon 2019

Promoting Peace Through Music 

Our theme “Peace not War” brought us to Israel, leading to the current focus which is now-  “What About Us”, the musical.