What About That Week!

As week two of the workshops for the new protest musical What About Us commence,  I felt it was time for […]

Wild Salmon, They need our help

Intro  Wild salmon feature across multiple cultures over thousands of years. In Irish folklore and mythology we see the ‘Salmon […]

Who We Are?

Shoshi Israeli Choreographer, dancer, and all round fixer, Shoshi Israeli, knows all about breaking down borders. A passionate member of […]

Mauritius Oil Spill

Mauritius Oil Spill

The Reef  Mauritius lies in the Indian Ocean about 500 miles off the East coast of Madagascar. It is volcanic […]

Give Bats a Chance

Bats hold so much importance for our lives through insect pest predation, pollination, and the potential for immortality!

Meat Free Monday

Now more than ever we need to start asking the question of what can WE do? We ALL can do […]